Friday Night Flight: Cubs and Icebergs @ Iceland - 120600ZJUL19

That is definitely tempting…given I am going to Silverstone for the Grand Prix tomorrow


But overall it will take more time

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Am i the only one who can’t not even try read those volcano names? 😬


@TheWalkingFruit definitely not :)

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Please introduce an airport for those who don’t like GA.

BIKF is a large international airport. Ta da 🔝


They did introduce an airport for those who don’t want to fly GA. It’s Keflavik ( BIKF ) 👍

Thanks @MishaCamp! So exited!

this one will be so fun, good job on it, exited to explore scenery ive rarely been to

To be honest I couldn’t care less.

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This will go perfect with around the world tour as I have planned to fly WOW air to Ireland.

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Yes Iceland I have been requesting this forever thanks Misha!

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As much as this is great, my main worry is the amount of ghosting a caused by confusion and build up of pilots. (Not blaming ATC for that). As proven in EGCC, it got too packed, with a bad runway set-up, several people got ghosted by being in a rush to cross the runway (I was one of them, my mistake). I believe this will cause mayhem in the community, so if you are travelling to and from Iceland tommorow, please be aware that you could get yourself in a difficult situation, as this is a small airport for the amount of traffic expected. Just be patient and wait for ATC instructions.


So many awesome long hauls to do.I don’t know which one to fly😥😱

Just fly GA, these small AirPorts probably wont be very busy and you can still enjoy the awesome view of Iceland😀

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Sorry. I had to read the caption more carefully.

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This will hopefully be my first FNF. Is the idea that people fly from any location in the world and land at one of the airports listed? Thanks.

Yep! Simple but it is always awesome!

Alright, sounds good.

I love Iceland!! And with Cubs what else can be better?! (Besides having proper terrain)