Friday Night Flight: Cubs and Icebergs @ Iceland - 120600ZJUL19

Join us for this week's FNF!

Welcome to this week’s Friday Night Flight! After a great release, it is time to let loose and celebrate! We take this week’s FNF to a location not used before. You may know it for its beautiful hot springs, volcanoes and ice, but we know it for its amazing airports and awesome GA capabilities! We are, of course, talking about Iceland!

Please be aware the both Keflavik and Rekyavik airports will be open, with no inter-airport flying between the two permitted. You can find a full list of airports open towards the end of this post. Many airports only have tower, so please make sure you are acting appropriately on ground at all times with unicom.

What volcano erupted in 2010 causing air traffic chaos?

  • Öræfajökull
  • Edfell
  • Kalta
  • Eyjafjallajökull
  • Snæfellsjökull

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Event Details

Server: Any
Aircraft: XCub
Livery: Any

Airports Main Airports Secondary
HUB BIRK Rekyavik BIVM Vestmannaeyjar
HUB BIKF Keflavik BIBD Bildudalur
BIEG Egilsstadir
BIHN Hornafjordur
BIAR Akureyri
BIHU Husavik

FNF Event Hours:

Begin - Friday 12th July @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Saturday 13th July @ 06:00 ZULU

July 12, 2019July 13, 2019


Attempting to fly between Rekyavik and Keflavik is prohibited and enforced by ghosting

Please adhere to unicom rules if an airport only has tower, and be sure to contact tower before entering the active runway

All airports are GA only with the exception of Keflavik

Please see TFRs/NOTAMs at each airport for more specific information


Interesting Icelandic FNF! Will be fun to do my KMSP - BIKF Longhaul with Delta!


looks awesome, can’t wait to see the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland.
i think I’ll just hop around there with the Xcub :)

YAY!!! ICELAND!!! I’ve been here IRL - and it is BEAUTIFUL!!

Great choice Misha - now time to figure out how to do a flight from Melbourne to Keflavik lol

Plan: ULH from YMML-BIKF
Then some XCub hops


Great, but do we have to fly the Xcub?

i’ve an idea for you that will be more realistic:
YPPH-EGLL (overnight)

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We can fly the TBM right?

Ye you can

we can fly every aircraft we want. But you’ll need to depart from a intl airport and need to do an international flight
and domestic flights can only be GA aircraft

I’m gonna do DEN-KEF at least once tommorow. See y’all then!

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Hopefully we don’t see the “No small aircraft accepted” at airports even though that was the theme of the whole week :)

Iceland is a fun place to fly. Maybe I’ll fly in the WOW livery.


Only one airport will accept commercial aircraft, all the others will be GA. BIKF will likely be no GA during busy periods.


Wait, no terrain as well? Iceland is above 60°N degrees.

As well as what? And no, no terrain, however I can assure you it is great to fly around regardless. I scoped the whole are out!

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ENGM–>BIKF with iclandair 757-200

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Bet!I’ll either do KJFK-BIKF or depart from KBOS-BIKF.Another bæ FNF

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The area around Iceland is beautiful to fly in IF, even without topography. I can’t imagine what it would look like with full terrain details, but maybe at some point in the future we’ll see that as well.

I just took off from Basel headed to Manchester from where I’ll fly to Reykjavik to he there just in time. I look forward to this event, what a great idea. Thank you.

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Keflavik is a great airport to fly into!

Been to Iceland before and it’s amazing! I’ll try and fly in from San Francisco!

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