Friday Night Flight: Community Choice!

I have been looking for a FNF at LEPA but I haven’t seen anything, the only thing I saw was on at LEMD and that was nearly a year ago.

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You’re right, we already had an event in LEMD, but I’m pretty sure we had LEPA too, it’s been a long time since I can not confirm, but anyway if I’ve got it wrong and LEPA wins (probably will win), we’ll be there

Amazing idea Misha. I think we should do this for every FNF

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If he did that I think we might have a lot of class bravo bang wagons lol😂

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Manchester come on guys!!!

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I hope it’s both Manchester and LEPA

I’m rooting for Seoul as it would be nice to bring the FNF back to the country of Ginseng. And it’s a good location for longhaul flights aswell 😉

Hello community glad joining youguys I just want to know what is FNF about and do we get together at a certain airport together im new and happy a part of INFINITE Flight✈✈✈✈✈✈✈


Hello @Randriek!

Firstly welcome to the community! FNF (Friday Night Flight) is an event that is held every week for pilots to participate on all servers with IFATC active on the Expert Server.

The details for FNF are usually posted on Thursday which include the location, airports that will be controlled and any NOTAMs that pilots are required to follow.

If you haven’t already checked out this topic linked below then I would highly suggest it:

Have a good day, and don’t be afraid to ask, if you have any more questions! :)

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Thank you so much for all the help I really do appreciate it alot getting the hang of things know thank you for the support I just have another question so the FNF is the airports that is controlled by ATC is the expert server only on those days or do you.need a specific flight hours and Grade to reach expert server level😁✈✈✈✈

You need to be Grade 3 to reach Expert Server, and IFATC is certified controllers that have went through training and tests to control on the Expert Server.

I hope one of this day it’s going to be in pacific islands

Was hoping Seoul got picked but everyone seems to prefer LEPA more. It is pretty popular and has seen a lot of ATC there before. Was hoping for a change but I wouldn’t mind flying to Mallorca

I’m Just gonna fly from manchester to the obviously voted for location.

LEPA for the win! If it doew, If it does, I will be practising some patterns abd doing that all-famous approach to RWY05 many times.

I believe you mixed LEPA with LPMA. Madeira is also a great airport with challenging approaches and I would love to see it in a future FNF as well.

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EGCC😍😍 I would live to see an event at Manchester because there has never been one.

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Oh yeah rip me

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