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GA Down Under

Alright, fair enough, we can’t deny GA FNFs are often a flop. But this one is different.

Australia has a huge GA culture many don’t even know exists. Everyone knows about the big airports - YSSY, YMML and YBBN to name a few. But there is a whole GA world, invisible to those who know not of it’s existence.

Near every major airport in Australia there is a large-scale GA airport. Melbourne (YMML) has (YMMB). Sydney (YSSY) has Bankstown (YSBK). These airport are capable of handling huge amounts of traffic, while still keeping that GA feel.

I would like to propose that the following airports be feature:

  • YSBK
  • YMMB (Busiest GA Airport in the Southern Hemisphere)
  • YPJT (Jandakot, Perth)
  • YBAF
  • YPDN (Darwin, handles Commercial and GA)
  • YPAD (Also handles Commercial and GA)

Why is this a good idea?

Such a network of GA airports is found in very few places around the world. Moorabbin alone operates a unique layout with 5 runways. Bankstown operates three parallel runways. Both of these airports operate multiple ATC frequencies, allowing the workload to be split between controllers with ease. The runway layouts also allow for pattern work to be simple.

Not only that, but these airports form a web of routes, allowing pilots to hop between almost any airport in Australia in an aircraft with as limited range as an Xcub or C172.

And of course, there’s plenty of gates and a lot of runways.

On a separate note, thanks for doing this again Misha!


Stunning views and a nice long runway to butter it’s ideal 😉

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Tunis Carthage Airport (DTTA).


About the airport:

Tunis Carthage (DTTA) is the national airport of Tunis, Tunisia’s capital.
The airport is composed of two runways:

Direction Length(M;FT) Surface
01/19 3 200m;10 499ft Asphalt
11/29 2 840m;9 318ft Asphalt


Tunis Carthage is the main base of Tunisair and Nouvelair Tunisie.
Even we have a Tunisair livery, I rarely saw someone using the livery in IF.

Plus, Tunis Carthage has some many fly-out/in, like Paris Charles De Gaulle, Bordeaux, Marseille, Vienna…
And it would show more love to the Tunisair A319-112!


Auckland Int’l Airport (NZAA)

About the city:

Auckland is a major city on the North Island of New Zealand. Home to around 1.5 million residents, Auckland is the largest metropolitan area in the country. Auckland is a diverse, multicultural city, which is home to the largest Polynesian population in the world (outside of Polynesia). It is New Zealand’s economic hub, and is home to a major port, economic zone, as well as a thriving CBD and an urban area of 607 square kilometers.

About the airport:

Auckland Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand, handling over 21 million passengers a year. It is the main hub for Air New Zealand, as well as a secondary hub for Jetstar. The airport has one runway (23L/05R) which is 11,536 ft long and can handle aircraft up to and including A380s.

Why we need this:

New Zealand rarely gets featured on the ATC schedule, so to have a FNF here would be amazing. It would open up so many possibilities for pilots as well as bringing the biggest event of the week to a region that is well and truly unloved. Secondary airports could include:

  • NZWN
  • NZCH
  • NZDN
  • NZQN
  • NZRO

for more information, visit this site


Nice idea, unfortunately we can’t open airports with no procedures such as YMMB due to a bug in the game. Would love to see this in the future

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Sydney is perfect for an FNF. Best city in Australia

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Daniel K. Inouye Airport - Honolulu, Hawaii (PHNL)

A major airport, with routes to multiple countries. As can be seen on the picture, PHNL has 4 runways, with three of them being useful for the heavies crossing the pacific into Hawaii. After a smooth touchdown, on the stunning Coral Runway (08R/26L) one can taxi into the wide array of gates PHNL has. It truly is a perfect airport for a Friday Night Flight. It can serve anything from the A380 to the C172 to the HZ-1 Aerocycle. There will be something for everyone here.

Honolulu is on the southward coast of the island Oahu, an island of beautiful beaches and magnificent nature. What’s a better place to share a Friday night, than a place full of the Aloha spirit?

A suggestion could be to have a few airports in Asia (Tokyo, Seoul etc.) and a few in North America (Vancouver, San Fransisco etc.), to get traffic going from each side of the pacific, along with a few airports in the beautiful state of Hawaii, opening up for a quick flight or some awesome GA flying.

As always, Misha, I’m happy to help with details for the FNF


Never really seen WMKK as a hub for the FNF though!

A beautiful comment, showcasing a beautiful airport. SYD is a dream!



Pudong International Airport, ZSPD

Pudong International is located in Pudong New Area. It is also along the coast of Shanghai. It is the 8th busiest airport in the world. It is just a pity that not a lot of people like flying to Shanghai. With 4 runways, it is well capable of handling tons of traffic coming in. It is, in my opinion, the most suitable for a fly-in/fly-out.


It’s the showdown of NZ’s biggest airports 😂

Great post - Sydney would be perfect!


What better time to have a Sydney FNF than this Friday?

With QVG’s event on Friday Night with over 50 people attending so far, it would be hard not to pick Sydney! We’ll be recreating the exact flight the final 747 took and recreating that iconic roo in the sky and it would be great to have IFATC with us all the way to LAX.


Love the idea Misha! I hope that this’ll power through the coming months! I’ll get working on a project soon, currently stuck in Tesco. 😄

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Crikey, that works out perfectly!

That’d be an absolute dream, hey! 😍


If LAX is featured as well I am down for that idea 🙂

Thanks man! I am a Lebanese who lives in Beirut. Thank you so much ❤


LAX should be featured as it being the final stop for the last B747 flight out of Sydney

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It’s More Fun in The Philippines!

I present to all of you Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL / RPLL)!

RPLL is the busiest airport in the Philippines and it connects the whole country to 5 continents! From Addis Ababa to New York, RPLL connects people around the world to visit the country with the most beautiful beaches in the world!

It has two runways, a short runway that can be used by A320s and 737s, and a really long runway that can handle the A380. There are also 4 terminals with T3 capable of the A380, along with T1 and T2 capable of the Boeing 747.

RPLL is also home to the oldest airline in Asia, Philippine Airlines. PAL currently holds the 8th spot for the longest flight from RPLL to KJFK. PAL also has a large amount of destinations either internationally or domestically, using the 747, 777, A321, and Q400 which is available in Infinite Flight.

When the airport is full, people can also go to RPVM, the gateway of the Visayan Island chain, and RPMD and RPMR the gateway of Mindanao. If you wanted to stay in the Great Manila Area, go to RPLC, it is the second airport serving Manila.

Here’s the wikipedia article if you guys need more info:

Visit the Philippines, in Infinite Flight. We welcome everyone to our beautiful country. Maraming Salamat at Ikinagagalak namin kayo makita sa aming bansa!

(Please notify me if I have done anything wrong, I am new to writing comments in this community. Thank you very much)


I would also like to See this Airport just because its a Great Airport with many destinations in Europe ❤️