Friday Night Flight Community Choice - Poll CLOSED!

Copenhagen (EKCH)

Consisting of three runways, and being a hub to many well known airlines including the likes of Norwegian and SAS, Copenhagen has a great variety of gate sizes, and also has a daily large number of gates. This airport would work great and it would be cool to see a FNF in Denmark.


I agree, Brussels in a great choice! Many airlines, and flights reaching all the way to KATL!

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I would suggest Phoenix Sky Harbor airport airport. It’s a large class bravo airport that is rarely used and is an absolutely huge hub for American, a focus city for Southwest, and many other airlines fly there. We could open some other airports near PHX, like Tuscon, Flagstaff, Grand canyon, etc.
PHX has only had 1 major event in Infinte Flight and no FNFs have been hosted yet.
There is also beautiful desert scenery around PHX, and would be great to take a GA plane around. Thanks for your consideration.



WestJet today will make their inaugural trans-Atlantic 787 flight, flying between CYYC and EGKK. To celebrate this milestone, I vote that we hold a WestJet-themed FNF in CYYC this week! 2 parallel runways and 2 crosswind runways at the foot of the Canadian Rockies should make for a fun event! Especially at this time of year when the weather can always add an interesting twist.



Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

Located in Zhengzhou, China this airport plenty of parking for heavies and short hauls. It also is close enough for flights to Beijing and Shanghai and would pair nicely with RJTT being the featured airport of the week allowing for a busy but easily managed ZHCC-RJTT route for FNF. In addition, this is an airport that doesnt often get attention from IFATC and would be a new area to feature for this major Chinese city on the Yellow River! And yes it is an edited airport too!


All aircraft with TAM, LAN & LATAM Paint

Because SCEL Its a big AirPort and that exist since a long time 👌🏼

Give oportunity to chile, everytimes us chosee airports in USA Or EU :/ Us beber chosee Chile, Brazil, Argentina or Peru.
We have a big airports 🤷🏽‍♂️
Give oportunity please


sapporo (new chitose) RJCC
it’s a nice airport with multiple runways and the view there is 100/100!

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OMDB is one of the most modern airports in the world. Two airlines hub in Dubai; one being Emirates and the other Flydubai. They have destinations from Muscat to Los Angeles and Auckland. I can’t remember the last time Dubai was featured in FNF or just the weekly schedule. Hope this gets on the polls!


That’s on the ATC shecdule for this week.

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Could we please have a FNF at EGLL (Heathrow) because its got loads of parking, 2 runways, and its a very popular airport with the IFC. It would be a great choice due to its location and ATC. It is also a hub for British Airways which is my favorate airline, and in IF the BA fleet is among the most varied, with aircraft ranging from the A318 to the 747 and DC-10.

If EGLL is chosen, the EGLL to KJFK would be an exellent route to do, because its one of the most busy and conjested routes in the real world, and it being BA’s most profitable route. This route could be a great one for this weeks FNF due to its beautiful Ocean veiws and brilliant sunsets and sunrises.

Also for another route idea we could have: EGLL - CVYR because of the beautiful mountain and ocean veiws on this route. You would be able to fly over Iceland and Greenland, adding to the stunning veiws that your would experience on this route. Its not the longest nor the shortest route in IF which makes it good for everyone!


@Speedbird_286 this would just equal complete mayhem. I don’t think we’d want this

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One of the most interesting airport with two parallel runways and numerous gates. It has two long and parallel runways which makes easy for IFATCs to conduct operations.


i agree!!!
let’s fill terminal 1 with all cathay pacific planes!

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Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP/LROP)

*2 runways
*plenty of parking spaces
*different choices of routes and airlines throughout Europe, Asia and North America
*beautiful scenery
*There has never been a FNF in the Balkan region (except Greece if you count it). This airport is the only one who could handle the traffic in the area. Most FNFs are held in the US or Western Europe, unfortunately Eastern Europe and Balkans is barely visited and i think this would be a perfect opportunity to explore this place.


Manila, Philippines (rpll). Since today is summer, Philippines is great for island hopping and to experience the summer that you’ve never experienced before. Phillipine region has so many islands on it and has many airport and cities to visit. I hope Philippine scenery will be already in hd just like other regions in the near future

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Milano Malpensa Airport LIMC


My suggestion is Milano Malpensa Airport because it has a lot of gates and from Malpensa you can fly to over hundreds of destinations all around the world. It also has two runway for great efficiency. Ryanair, Easy Jet, and Alitalia focus this airport. In 2018 there was 24,725,490 passengers travelling through this airport. And due to it’s location it perfect for an airport in Europe since there is no ATC in Europe this week. The airport also handles all the different aircraft sizes in IF.
I personally love this airport and it offers a beautiful view of the Alps.

Milano Malpensa Airport


OPIS - Islamabad International Airport
It’s a newly opened airport (less than a year old),has many parking spaces and two big runaways and can also cater the A380,it’s geographical location is also good and many routes to the Far East,South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America and Europe and also many domestic flights within Pakistan image


With a weekly featured airport located at RJTT, I think it’d be good to compliment the airport with a FNF in that part of the world.

Looking back through FNF’s, it’s been awhile since we’ve gone into southeast asia. I think it would be interesting to have a FNF that features WSSS, VVNB and areas of that region.

Despite not having clear scenery, it is an under served portion of IF with several VA’s calling the region home, and or having hubs from affiliations in the area.


COPENHAGEN-EKCH many routs short medium and long flights options to routes EKCH-EKYT

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Won’t be able to join this since I’m going on voluntary marine education/training but it definitely is interesting to see all these diverse suggestions 🤩