Friday Night Flight Community Choice - Poll CLOSED!

Hey everyone!

A while back we opened up the FNF to our community. This was a huge success, and we thank each and everyone one of you who voted in the poll. Given the success of this, we have decided to open up the FNF to our community once per month. This week is the second community choice Friday Night Flight! This will continue to happen on the last Friday of every month. You will now have full control of both suggestions for the location, and a vote on the final decision!

Last month’s event was in Hawaii, so we can safely say this month will not be there!


To get your suggestion seen by staff, we suggest you make it as detailed as possible! Here are a few tips we have for making a suggestion:

  1. State the name and code of the airport

  2. Give well-written reasons as to why the airport is a good choice

  3. Make sure the suggestion meets the criteria for an FNF airport. These include, but are not limited to, multiple runways, multiple frequencies, a large number of parking gates and an area that has not been recently used!

Suggestions will be taken until every Wednesday. A poll will then be in place until 2200Z.

So, without further ado, we would love to hear suggestions for this week’s FNF below! Multiple airports are allowed.


Please do LPPT my fav airport :D
Oh its beautiful, it has two runways, the scenery approaching the runway has a lake under it and it has a nice approach. It has 2 runways, one being shorter than the other :D

Another reason I want this airport is because most of the airports here have been featured at least once or twice and Lisbon hasn’t been featured in a long time or at all.



Awesome that we can choose again!

My suggested airport is Flughafen Zürich LSZH. It’s located in the center of the Alps, one of the most scenic regions in IF. Home base for LH Group member SWISS it’s a hub for domestic as well as international flights. Even though the commercial airliners are seen more, it does handle GA traffic, so hop in your TBM and do some VFR!

Possible routes/airport options:
Geneva (LSGG)
Venice (LIPZ)
Innsbruck (LOWI)
München (EDDM)

Wikipedia (Source)


Halifax International please!
I would like Halifax because you can get to most of the East Coast and even the UK within 10 hours. (CYHZ) Note: sometimes Halifax visibility is really low.


Brussels International, EBBR. It allows access to many airports in Europe


I think that King Abdulaziz International Airport (OEJN) Jeddah airport would be a great choice. I think that this would be great for FNF because this airport is usually always empty but is so fun to fly into. This airport is also in a perfect geographical location to fly to many places such as all over the middle-east, Africa, many parts of Asia, all over Europe, and even some places in the US. The main airliner here is Saudia Airlines and which I never see people using. I would love to see this amazing airport become fully crowded and have ATC.


I would love to suggest Charlotte Douglas International airport or KCLT. This airport is American Airlines 2nd bushiest hub and the 6th busiest airport in the country. CLT operates over 600 domestic and international flights a day. This would be a great airport for FNF. You have multiple destinations worldwide, several gates, and 3 parallel runways to use. CLT is a way underserved airport on infinite flight and its time to bring it alive.


Yea this one is good.

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  1. KSFO - San Francisco International
  2. SFO is an AMAZING airport with very international flights. With KSFO-WSSS (17 hours) to KSFO-KSMF (20 minutes) SFO has a wide variety of flights. The parallel approach into SFO on the 28 runways allows IFATC to have a lot of fun. KSFO is a very iconic airport, lots of A380s coming in! We could also use KOAK if KSFO gets too busy, with a TFR around KSFO, KOAK, KSJC and KMOD.
  3. Lots of frequencies, 4 runways intersecting, lots of parking.

KSFO is being featured the previous day


No one needs to know that


Washington DC Area Flyout.

IFATC would Open KIAD, KDCA, and KBWI. There would be a NOTAM around the area restricting flights from IAD-DCA, IAD-BWI, etc.

All airports have numerous frequencies and spawning spots so there would be more than enough room. IAD has 4 runways, BWI has 3, and DCA has 2.

All these airports very rarely see any attention, so I believe it’s time to give some love to the United States capital! From the stunning Atlantic Coastline, to the acrobatic DCA Approach, and dont forget the massive size of IAD! I personally believe this would be one hell of a FNF!

All about the airports:

Baltimore (KBWI)

Airport Website:

Airport Information:
Baltimore/Washington International Airport - Wikipedia

Suggested Routes:
KBWI-KFLL (Southwest)
KBWI-ORF (Southwest)
KBWI-KCLT (American)

Washington Regan (KDCA)

Airport Website:
Reagan National Airport

Airport Information:
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - Wikipedia

Suggested Routes:
KDCA-KPWM (American)
KDCA-KBNA (Southwest)
KDCA-KCHS (American)

Washington Dulles (KIAD)

Airport Website:
Dulles International Airport

Airport Information:
Dulles International Airport - Wikipedia

Suggested Routes:
KIAD-CYYZ (Air Canada)
KIAD-KMCO (United)
KIAD-KBUF (United)
KIAD-KGSO (United)
KIAD-LIRF (United)



Dallas Fort Worth Intl.


Dallas Fort Worth is a great location for an FNF! With a couple parallel runways, a unique layout, and traffic from all around the world. anyone is welcome! Anyone who loves American, your in luck. This is their main hub! I would love an FNF here, because there are so many different routes and aircraft to chose from! This is also my home airport, so this would really appeal to me of course! Hope you guys take this into consideration!

And close by is DAL which is Southwest’s hub so that could be open for ATC as well!


Obviously SJC!

Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport is a commercial, cargo, reliever, and GA airport, with service to destinations all over the world. From Volaris to Hainan to Southwest, the airport connects many passengers and is a focus city for Southwest and Alaska Airlines.

The airport has 2 runways and many commercial gates. It also has cargo gates and over 80 for GA aircraft!

SFO and OAK are also 2 major airports near this one and overshadow it, so it would be great to have this airport featured and many aircraft and players flying to/from it!


Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport (KMSP)

Large international airport that has often been neglected in the ATC calendar. Many interesting long hauls such as to EHAM, EGLL, LFPG, and places in Asia such as Tokyo and Seoul, also connects many destinations in the US and South America. It has 4 runways and has been rated the number 1 airport that handles 25-40 million passengers 3 years in a row! It was also the former HQ of Northwest and is now Delta’s third largest hub by passenger traffic!


Number Length Width Condition Surface Frequency
4/22 11,006 feet (3,355 m) 150 feet (46 m) Good Concrete 126.700
12R/30L 10,000 feet (3,048 m) 200 feet (61 m) Excellent Concrete 126.700
12L/30R 8,200 feet (2,499 m) 150 feet (46 m) Good Concrete 123.950
17/35 8,000 feet (2,438 m) 150 feet (46 m) Excellent Concrete 123.675




Can we please do it at VHHH (Hong Kong), as it has 2 runways, and lots of parking space. it is great for stunning takeoffs and landing. It has not been used for a FNF in a long time and I would greatly appreciate if it was!


I think a great idea is KHIB. Located in Hibbing, MN, the airport serves as a gateway to the world with a once daily flight to KMSP. The airport is also a choice base for bush pilots exploring northern Minnesota. This would be nice with celebrating the launch of the Super Cub X. There has never been a large GA airport on FNF.

KHIB as seen from Google Maps.

Inside the terminal


Also there is lots of open ramp space, and we could park the smaller Cessna’s and TBM’s to the right of the terminal near the hangers,


MMUN Cancún International Airport
Cancún is Mexico’s second largest airport with tons of transatlantic flights to Europe,Mexico, and the United States also featuring South American flights with LATAM and


If we had MSP and Hibbing…