Friday Night Flight: City of the Forests @ Brazil - 230600ZAUG19


Join us for this week's FNF!

We continue the south America theme for this week’s Friday Night Flight! Think you have explored Brazil totally? Think again! A nation of diversity and amazing geography, Brazil is an amazing place to experience. We focus this week’s event on routes to and from the north of the nation. We keep with Rio and Sao Paulo as hubs to be able to handle traffic, but all other airports can be found in the north/northeast of the nation! You can find a list of them further down in this topic.

Each airport is located in a beautiful and unique area. Manaus, the capital of the northern regions of Brazil, is a focus of this week and lends its name to the title of this week’s event. With routes all around Brazil alongside a handful of international and cargo routes, the airport gives a wide variety to pilots.

Where does Manaus Airport rank in cargo traffic within Brazilian airports?

  • 8th
  • 22nd
  • 1st
  • 3rd

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Event Details

Server: Any
Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any

Airports Main Airports Secondary
HUB SBGR Sao Paulo SBSG Natal
HUB SBGL Rio de Janeiro SBRF Recife
SBFZ Fortaleza
SBSL Sao Luis
SBBE Belem
SBEG Manaus
SBMA Maraba
SBMO Maceio
SBSV Salvador

FNF Event Hours:

Begin - Friday 23rd August @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Saturday 24th August @ 06:00 ZULU

August 23, 2019August 24, 2019


Local flying between airports is prohibited and enforced by ghosting



Thanks for the great event, Misha! FNFs in South America are great, since the region does not usually receive much traffic.


It’s Recife 😉


Loving these FNF’s that are taking the full-advantage and maximizing the love for the regions that has now received the 15m HD Scenery, very beautiful!! 😍

Expect to see me in Brazil tomorrow, no doubt 🛫


Thanks Misha!

Can i suggest a few FNF’s for later on when the hype about new scenery calms down? How about a city with all the airports being controlled as much as possible, for example: Rio, London, San Francisco, New York…

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Another opportunity to take advantage of the brilliant new scenery in SA. Thanks so much for this, Misha! Can’t wait to fly/control!


Why do all of the South American events have to have pictures of LATAM planes 😑


Probs cause the A320

Well it’s gonna be really foggy for sure and hopefully dark due to the fires in the amazon


wow cool, Brazil not been a featured FNF for a while I think

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That’s a cool route! I might do that as well 😆

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Looks like a great day to enjoy DLVA Career Mode! beautiful FNF!

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It definitely is. I might also do Air France’s island hopper from Miami to Cayenne.


Great touch to name the event “City of the Forests”!


What do they mean “local flying through airports”?

@Abudy so SBMT is a very close airport to SBGR. If you were to try to do that flight I believe you would get ghosted.

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Oh thanks:)

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Of course anytime :) if you have any questions PM me

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Local flying is basically flying from one airport to another very close airport, say those airports are less than 40NM from each other.


Yes! I finally get to explore South America! Last weeks was unable to attend the FNF and I think I can this week! I plan to fly LIRF-SBGR in an Alitalia 777! ✈️😊

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Thank you for honoring our country. After HD Images Brazil shows all its beauty.