Friday Night Flight - Christmas Community Choice

I voted for cargo it would be nice I think

I voted busiest airports of 2020 because well… busy airports have a large cargo program. So you get a package in one.

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We could do Operation Christmas Drop :)

Operation Christmas drop is a tradition that started in 1962. It is one of the US humanitarian missions and is sponsored by the US Department Of Defense and the US Air Force. The US Air Force fly military cargo planes from Anderson Air Force Base in Guam and Yokota Air Base which is owned by the US Air Force in Japan. Along the way they drop supplies such as toys for kids, foods necessary supplies for medical, housing and occasional vaccines when they have a virus. They fly over remote islands inhabited by native islanders. The islanders does not have cars and they live a simplified life hunting building their own houses. They target small pacific islands and help out local people. Occasionally there has been other country armed forces joining in such as Japan Forces and Australian Forces.

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I mean…given Santa it seems most appropriate…


All 3 themes seem really great though!

Scandinavian hubs would be cool as it haven’t been active so much and FNW would be a great idea:)

I should have voted for cargo so maybe anchorage would be open

You can change your vote.


Oh thanks I didn’t realize

In case Santa needs help, we will fly some presents too!

I’ve chosen Cargo option, global hubs is perfect.
Nice one @MishaCamp 👏

All I want is a good White Christmas for the first time in seven years.

White Christmas / Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye

P.S. I chose cargo flights, bring it down to Huntsville and Memphis!

We need presents here in KBWI

Let’s have KORD again for some variety.


Please Chicago (KORD) as hub. It’s been a long time since this airport was on the schedule.




Yeah but this was already 6 days ago @Balloonchaser :)


I think it’s meant ironically 😅

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It seems like it would be good to carry gifts by freight plane😁

Would love to see some cargo action!