Friday Night Flight - Christmas Community Choice

Hey everyone!

We’re opening up this week’s FNF choice to our community. This event sits on Friday 25th December, a day that many celebrate Christmas on. As a small gift to you, our community, we wanted to allow you to choose the FNF event this week!

This choice will be a vote between one of 3 possible events. These have been chosen by our staff team.


1) Only one choice per user is given

2) The result will not be shown until the event is published

3) The #FNF will be posted tomorrow afternoon (Zulu time)

4) The poll runs until 0600 (Zulu time)


  • Cargo (Christmas Day Delivery). Multiple global hubs.
  • Norwegian (Snowy Christmas). Scandinavian hubs.
  • Busiest Airports of 2020 The busiest airports of 2020 such as LAX and SFO.

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Like the idea :)

Cargo sounds good. Get some icy views of the 77F


Cargo for Santa!!!


Huh a community vote! Just the Christmas Present I needed! Merry Christmas all, looking forward to this one! 🎄

Santa needs all the help he can get especially with @DeerCrusher as Lead Reindeer 😜


Love the IdeA! Santa bring them home 🎅🏻


Christmas Day delivery!

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Busiest airports of 2020!

I mean, not that Fort Lauderdale is one of them but it would be a nice gesture if you guys can add that as one of the busy airports because…


I’ll have to go with Christmas Day Cargo. Although, high traffic can be fun, something different can be refreshing.


Cargo! Would love to see Cargo Hubs busy!


I was really close to hitting Cargo - but it’s 2020, and there’s likely not a lot of people having a regular christmas this year that will be wanting to fly into hubs and such. So i voted for the big guns.


Cargo FTW


I mean, I’d like to see the large amounts of traffic going in and out of large hubs. Mad chaos for the controllers = more fun


Well said! Lots of fun for the controllers!

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Scandinavia region hasn’t been featured for a while now… it would be great to see it back in action. Perhaps some diversity rather than the usual Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

Yes Rovaniemi, I’m talking about you…


This is awesome! Let’s run some cargo to help out Santa’s lead reindeer @DeerCrusher! Merry Christmas everyone!

Mad chaos= Controllers reporting people= fun for controllers😂


Gonna vote for Cargo since its meant for Christmas with as much deliveries to many cities possible for sure…

Cargo would be amazing!

I should say Cargo would seem the most logical choice, to be honest. Throw the net as wide as possible in opening up all the major hubs around the world (I can think of at least thirty off the top of my head). This gives as many pilots and controllers as possible the chance to do what they love without the chaos that comes with operating a few choke points.

I’d rather we avoid the carnage we witnessed at Heathrow just yesterday (IFATC, you listening? Might be your idea of fun to control that many at once and I respect that, but waiting over an hour to get airborne certainly wasn’t ours!!) 😂😂😂

Since it is fortuitous that, this year, Christmas Day falls on a Friday, surely it makes sense to want to bring as many folks online as possible whilst maintaining the best level of enjoyment for all.

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