Friday Night Flight - Cessnas in Charlotte, North Carolina

This weeks FNF will be an all servers event featuring Cessna aircraft only. Especially the Cessna Citation X. Join us in the Charlotte, North Carolina region to fly with the Infinite Flight Live community. Start and end wherever you like in the region.

7 full hours to join and enjoy this event.

An ALL servers event. You can choose your level of participation by selecting the server you want.

•Free Flight Server - No violations. Very relaxed environment.

•ATC Playground Server - Violations apply, no ATC Ghosting. Try your best.

•ATC Advanced Server - All violations and rules are strictly enforced. Serious pilots fly here.

Feel free to participate any time during the start and stop times.

• Friday July 10th 2015

• Event Start Time - 12:30 PM PDT

• Event End Time - 7:30 PM PDT

• Region: Charlotte, North Carolina

• Objectives: Departure and destination is completely up to you the pilot.

• Aircraft type: Cessna aircraft only, featuring the Cessna Citation X.

Share your event experiences and photos.

A valid Live subscription is needed. *PDT is Pacific Daylight Time which is local to the U.S. west coast. When you select “Join” on the event, your Facebook will automatically convert to your accounts local time zone.

Don’t forget to share your screen shots in the event comments here.

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Looking forward to this David! :)

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Great idea by waking up the dead regions ! :)

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The eninges and livery of that Citation 😍.

I almost always fly with the yellow livery when I take a Citation out for a flight. Blue is also good.

Long live the DC-9!

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I agree Dushyanth!
P.s Is it Dush or Dushyanth?

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Lol it’s a shame. Charlotte would have some potential if only they made it bigger to encompass some more nearby large-ish airports.

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Dushyanth is my full name,
Dush - nickname :P

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It is very big and I love it.

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Hey! Do you want to fly? I’m pretty bored at the moment!

Maybe a short flight in 10?

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Yep! Sure! I will ping you in 10 :)

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Annd go back with tons of violations

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How? Got 4 today :P

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Right after posting that comment I got a Cessna Citation X and decided to fly CLT-AGS.

Speed: M 0.84 (300 kts. at FL300)
Heading: 212
Altitude: FL300
VS: 6,000 ft/min. then 3,000 ft./min. at FL150

Long live the DC-9!

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