Friday Night Flight - Canadian Cruisin' @ CYYZ - 171830ZNOV17

What happened to Turbulent Tuesdays?


Im open at Vancouver (CYVR) Great place to fly to Toronto from, Hope to see you here :)


It’s very close. No need to correct, instead, describe the difference, like, “the DC-10 compared to the MD-11 has a thicker fuselage and wider wingspan. Even though, both planes are VERY similar but beautiful engineering.” Happy flying! :)

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I know, the plane looks beautiful!

Please tell me you’ll come back at about 1700 PST

Whats the EDT time for this event on Friday?

it’s started. 10min ago.

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IF only has the A319, however I believe Air Canada have every variation of the A320 in their fleet.

I will 100% for sure!

Currently flying from CYYZ to CYHZ. Using If connect for my joystick. If anyone saw me, let me know how my takeoff was.

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