Friday Night Flight - C-130 Induction Flight @ KMCF - 091830ZDEC16

Hey y’all!

Join us for this week’s Friday Night Flight:
C-130 Induction Flight

Well, the update is out and C-130’s are everywhere! Hope that everyone is enjoying this iconic aircraft. Let’s join together and celebrate the arrival of the C-130 into our Infinite Flight fleet. Want a challenge? Avoid KTPA and KMIA. Find some smaller uncontrolled fields and try a takeoff and landing at MTOW/MLW. Can you takeoff in less than 3000 feet of runway?

Post your best screenshots for a chance to have it shared on our Official Infinite Flight Instagram page at

Region: SoFlo

Follow all ATC instructions (when available). Ghosting will be enforced.

Server: All Servers Event (Your choice)

Aircraft: Any C-130

FNF Event Hours:
Begin - Friday 12/9 @ 18:30 ZULU (10:30am PST)
End - Saturday 12/10 @ 10:30 ZULU (2:30am PST)

Be respectful of everyone who is flying, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

See everyone in the SoFlo!

Happy and Safe Landings!


Noo, I don’t have any of C-130 variants T-T


RCAF C-130 inbound tomorrow!


I’ll be there! Probably the Hurricane Hunter. Maybe Coast Guard. We’ll see. See you all there.


Yes!! People don’t fly to MIA and/or TPA!!! Thanks Mark!!

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Cheers Mark!

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It would be rude not to use the C130 !

I’ll try to be there! Probably in the Hurricane Hunters Livery (even though there is no hurricane to hunt this time of year).

I’ll be there in fat albert

Challenge Accepted! I will use Class E And Class D Airports (And some Charlie)

In that case, KTNT here I come!

Will be there for sure in this amazing aircraft.

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So will I 😊

It’s going to be past midnight for you even if you have a C-130

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Nah, I still can attend it on the next morning as the event will end around 5:30pm LMT

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Which variant is the hurricane hunter? Isnt it the coast guard one?

Why in a paid region that i don’t have? Noooooooo #badluck

Why dont you get Florida its a very good region.

I won’t be able to come since I am in India now and it’s really late in the night at 10:30 PST! Damn it! I’ll try my best!