Friday Night Flight - Buzzkill

I was just settling in to start the long haul from England to Australia when I was called for dinner. Literally up at 4000ft heading west from runway 9 - AS INSTRUCTED. Well as we have guests, who are now being entertained by my mishap, I couldn’t Just leave my flight (though in retrospect I should have) I needed to request permission to land. To get this beast bag on solid ground. So, I reached out and requested instructions and before I heard a word back, I was booted! Booted for not respecting ATIS. So instead of some sort of warning, or indication of a problem with my procedure, someone decided to kill my long weekend. Much to the joy of my family of course.

Personally I’m feeling this might have been a touch unfair. Thoughts?

@julius97 maybe we can talk it through?

Do you mean that you were reported or ghosted by a controller. If so, go to your flight log and PM the controller to get to know why.

Thanks. Appreciate that. Just tagged him in my post.

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No, Joe. You need to PM Julius with your callsign.

Ah, understood. Thanks Leon.

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Np. Have a good day!

As you’re currently still TL0, you can’t PM him. He will see the tags when he’s next on the IFC and will PM you.

No patternwork. No flights between London airports. Qualifies as both.

Just end your flight.

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Cheers Velocity23.

I see. Flights between London airports. That’s definitely my error. Yes, I should have just ended it. Thanks Tim.

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