Friday Night Flight - Boeing 787-10 Debut Celebration @ KCAE - 171830ZFEB17

Great I will come see you

First time really flyig the 787-10

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Lol. That’s so manny planes

At Columbia International Airport for touch and go.
Congrats to Boeing for 787-10. 😉😃

Would be so fun to join but iam at the Canary Islands and dont have very Much wi-fi to fly sadly.

The traffic at KCLT (expert server) right now is insane. Thanks to the ATC covering the approach there! You’re doing a good job!

Departure KCAE this night

@Heavydriver Sorry for requesting VFR with a 787 ;-) Had a (bad) plan to request transition over KCLT on my way to KPOB.



@Mark_Denton, does this mean all servers?

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Shame to those in airbus planes

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I just flew at Charlotte in the expert server (My callsign: AF119) and OMG the airspace was so busy at KCLT. ATC did a great job and I want to say thank you to them because I don’t know how did they manage to handle that!

Wow! I flew right when the event started, how long ago was the traffic? If there is still a lot, I would love to do another flight

I wonder who will be the first to post a screenshot of this event using the new global scenery.

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It have been an unforgettable flight with the787-10 since the update thanks you all DV for all the hard work .

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