Friday Night Flight: Bilateral Relations @ OMDB/VIDP - 260600ZJUL19

Join us for this week's FNF!

Welcome to this week’s Friday Night Flight! It’s been a while since we took the FNF to the United Arab Emirates and India, so we follow on from last week’s huge event in Toronto by moving the FNF to Dubai and Delhi! The combined hubs allow for a huge variety of flights, and other large airports in both nations mean a dense traffic flow between the two countries.

For established routes and IFATC airports for the week, please see further below. Please note that the community choice FNF is postponed until next month due to Oshkosh.

What percentage of the UAE population are of Indian origin?

  • 51%
  • 31%
  • 70%
  • 27%

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Event Details

Server: Any
Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any UAE or Indian carrier

Airports Main Airports Secondary
HUB OMDB Dubai VABB Mumbai
HUB VIDP Delhi OMAA Abu Dhabi
OMDW Al Maktoum
VOMM Chennai
VOCI Cochin
VOTV Trivandrum
OMSJ Sharjah
VOBL Bengaluru

FNF Event Hours:

Begin - Friday 26th July @ 06:00 ZULU

End - Saturday 27th July @ 06:00 ZULU

July 26, 2019July 27, 2019


Attempting to fly between OMDB, OMSJ or OMDW is prohibited and aircraft are subject to ghosting


Looks exciting! Can’t make it sadly though cause I’m leaving to come visit you guys in Oshkosh lol


Exciting! Can’t wait to fly Delhi to Dubai with the team 😃


awesome event once again misha😍❤️

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Where my EKVA peeps at? Time to get some hours in💪🏾


Great one, i like the united arabs… I will try to be there, but I can’t confirm I will be.

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Nice! See you guys out there, tomorrow.

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There’s going to be a lot of Emirates A380’s

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GAF is operating in the area, should be interesting


Thanks a lot for this Misha! First time got the FNF at my hometown VIDP!!! A good long session gonna have tommorow.

@guxk @prasoon_s @niharG be rdy for tag😉


Aw yiss, OMDB-VOBL is my favorite route to fly for short-med hauls. Great to see this event.

Wish Mumbai was the main hub instead of Delhi but anything will do! The Arabian Sea will be densely populated in the next 24hrs

Oooooh interesting…

Looking foward to this! Hopefully flying onto DXB from Orlando MCO

@MishaCamp thanx for featuring our home country in the FNF and this was a well thought FNF like all the others. Love the bilateral relation and i relate more cuz im an Indian and my dad works in the UAE. Will be tagging along in the tower @Prashant_Divedi @Prasoon_S @Guxk ❤️


This is my most traveled route in real life! Thank you so much for this FNF, Misha! This is so relatable as an Indian expat who lived in the UAE for so many years.

I’m scheduled to fly back to Dubai from Delhi in 2 weeks time! Gonna enjoy this one.


Hello I’m looking forward to the FNF as it would be my second ! I don’t know this area of the world very well. I’m looking to do med to long haul flight can anyone recommend any routes?

I’m looking to be on 0900 am uk 🇬🇧 time


Amazing event Misha! Fly OMDB (Dubai) - VOTV (Trivandrum) very often both in IF and real life. Can’t wait!


You know you’re in for an insanely busy FNF when you see “OMDB”