Friday Night Flight - BEA/British Airways 1st Jet Svc Celebration @ EGLL - 061830ZMAY16

Hello Dirk,

I believe you controlled me an Stansted yesterday. I was G-Z4CH.

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Hey Zachary, indeed I did and recognized you from the forum 😎

I would give that a like, but I’ve run out for the day. :P

Excuse my terrible T&G…

Unfortunately i got ghosted in this event but how many hours ghosted stay ?

I don’t remember any terrible TNG’s yesterday! I really enjoyed controlling EGSS yesterday. A lot of work but not too busy. Very nice pilots, almost all following the instructions 😎
By the way, what’s with your practical ATC test - can’t wait to see you in the IFATC group! 😃

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I’m tempted to just stay on the PG for a while. You should come to one of my controlling sessions.

Ghosted? Oh no, what did you do wrong? Ghosting can be done for different time frames. I would suppose that it was only for yesterday’s session.

I would love to do some patterns when you’re controlling on the PG. Just write a PM to me, when you intend to open. Depending on the time I will try to come around 😎

I will do buddy. Top controlling yesterday!

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ForeFlight Mobile? Cool, thank you! And what do you do with it? Flight planning and following?

ATC said Go around but I can’t because I’m close to runaway end

I’m doing 9 GCSEs and have done very little revision. I’ve still got 9 days left though, and I’m relatively confident. Anyway, back on topic, I’m glad Global Flight wasn’t released a month ago, because then I would have actually done no revision! :P

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Thanks! :) I go and do a physics past paper…

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