Friday Night Flight: Australia Day - 250600ZJAN19

I might come in a DC10 military aircraft if I can make hopefully I do if not then have a brilliant event

Am I allowed to do ATC on training

I’ve just been to Australia recently. How fascinating! Can’t wait to come for a flight!

I am currently KC-10, so you can refuel if you have low fuel. Callsign: AWR04LP. I takeoff from YWLM

It was a great opportunity to do some circuits in the A-10!

So we are not allowed to fly the A330, its military

(A330MRTT - Using Generic)

The Australian Air Force has BBJ’s too

I have My camera on the runway for any one taking off from Townsville live on Youtubw Infinite Flight - FNF Australia ✈️ - YouTube

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Any idea how to get a plane to leave you alone? I am in a KC-10 and another KC-10 keeps following me and trying to refuel. Does the “Report a User” button work for anything?