Friday Night Flight: Australia Day - 250600ZJAN19

I think it’s pretty clear… Work it out for yourself.


K just double checking

dammit i am flying in USA now…

If anyone sees me I’ll be there to refuel.-IFGN Cpt Sky 🤗

Reads sentence saying “Don’t do Y, only X.”


Asks “Is it cool if I do Y and not X, since it’s the exact negation of the clear, succinct, declaratory statement printed?”

Super Bowl prop bet on Over/Under on ghosts resulting from inability to read, anyone?


To be fair, at least YWLM has a civil terminal. Would be fun if some airliners would be allowed there to have the last touch of realism.

Have fun everyone :) come to Amberley

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will there be atc coverage on training server?

I’ll be flying a KC-10 for your refueling needs as Air Force 502 Heavy throughout the day. Come say hey 👋

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Now this is an absolutely awesome FNF

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This is was I expect to see today!

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Cant wait missed last weeks due to work - I will be on Twitch Live flying into one of the bases and watching for a while check out my Twitch Channel - Search Corporate 1401

I’m flying to YBTL
And I need a refuel
Can some on take off from YBRL now to fill me up please
If not I’ll se how
My user name is The King Salmon

FIGHTERS SLOW DOWN when within 50 miles of an controlled airport or ELSE


Use this

Fighters, be weary of combat maneuvers in the vicinity of any airport!! If you want to try anything be sure to be well clear of the air spaces and above 10K feet for safety!

GAF will definitely be having an appearance at this one:), myself, i am inbound and will be up all evening in my KC-10, MADRAS01, come up for some AAR:)

Finds airplane on list with autopilot…

And yes, if you show up on the expert server at one of the airports listen in a non-military aircraft, you will be reported. Recommend not doing this!


I think this quote will be appropriate for this FNF:


Can’t wait to be flying! Great FNF guys!!

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Thanks for the fillup!