Friday Night Flight attendance on the Training Server

I have noticed that over the past few weeks, attendance for Friday Night Flight has occurred less and less on the training server. Today’s FNF, nobody was at FACT on the training server. I am not a Grade 3, and unfortunately will lose IF Pro services on the 14th of August. I want a good FNF before I go. Please, if you can, hop on the training server next Friday! It’s made to be an all servers event.

What time do you usually get on? I know sometimes it’s pretty busy early in then may quiet down a bit and then pick back up again.

Around midnight GMT is when I get on.

Ahh I see. I just had a look at the Training Server and it is pretty quiet down there. There’s a few aircraft inbound and some ready for departure.


Unfortunately many times we see KLAX, EGLL, and YSSY getting a lot of attention like you mentioned. Let’s see if this topic stirs up some traffic for the time being. :)


I will do as said, but people around the globe have different time. That is one major reason people aren’t on there. Second of all, pilots tend to fly to that particular place! They don’t spawn there. By the time they reach the airport, you will be gone.

I promise you that I will be on next week’s FNF!

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I forgot to mention, sometimes if I’m not too busy I will post a flight plan in the FNF topic that week. You could do the same and if you add specifics like the FPL (waypoints, altitude, cruise) departure time and duration of then flight you might get quite a few community members to join you. Give it a shot on the next Friday Night Flight. Use a Real World route from Flightaware and paste the link as that will catch the eyes of fellow members.

Here’s some examples :)


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