Friday Night Flight ATC Question @ LTBA

Hello, so while I was flying, and when I came to contact approach, I noticed 2 approach controllers! Is this like a new feature?

One was probably controlling departure

They were working together to spead the workload. They are doing a fantastic job.

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I tried both frequencies, and they both were vectoring in arrivals.

Oh, okay! Yeah, its pretty cool.

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I didn’t know there could be 2 approach controllers?

Now I wonder:

How does it work?

A lot of team work I’m guessing

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IFATC magic. That’s all :)

One was acting as center almost and the other was acting as final approach. Pretty cool to see when that happens.

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Really hope Center ATC makes a reappearance someday.

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What is that weird circle thing around LTBO?

That’s a line for an aircraft to follow when in a holding pattern.

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Aaaah, okay. Is that only active during FNF events, or when an approach controller is present?

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It automatically appears when an approach controller tells you to hold over a certain fix/airport.

Let’s take this to DM if you have any further questions. :)


They really did. Wish I was there at that time.

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