Friday Night Flight // ATC on training! ATC IN PROGRESS JOIN

Usually when FNF’s happen trining server gets no love! as stated in FNF created by @MishaCamp the event is on all servers!

Some people may not have access to the expert server and would like to experience the FNF Atc and see what it is like!

Which is why it is my pleasure to announce i will be ACT at : VVTS Ho Chi Minh HUB at some point during the day tomorrow! if you see me (callsign : IG - IFBLOGS) come by and have some fun doing flights out of / arriving into Ho Chi Minh!

I think it is great if more people open ATC on training in the destinations for tomorrow’s FNF, where usually training server ATC is in KLAX , EGLL, KJFK etc…

If your Grade 2! or even Grade 3! and you wanna see the recognition tomorrow come by!


Cool idea, I might stop by :) But please don’t tag developers or staff member . They get enough messages on IFC.

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sure thing noted.

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Misha is a staff member, not a developer :)


Yes excuse me. I am changing my post🤣

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Controlling now everyone! at Ho Chi Min

That’s odd just heard an IF BLOGS at VVTS on expert. 🧐

nope i’m on training and controlling right now! come join

anyone can come by on training! to participate

I pop by in a minute :)

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sounds good :)

Thank you to everyone that is here so far !

Why did you deny me of pattern work? I thought that was the whole point.

thats just the atc your welcome to do pattern work

You may do pattern work if you would like to :) sorry it was a small mistake

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Anybody needs any ATC on TS?

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