Friday Night Flight - Anniversary Of 1st Scheduled Pax Service @ EGLL - 261730ZAUG16

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Anyone fancy parking at London Heathrow Gate 140 in an A380 Air France Livery for a few minutes for a photo op?

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TS1 is the busiest server, you’ll have plenty of company I’m sure.

Yes it does. You get the warning first, then the actual violation. I had to set my tablet down for a minute last night and forgot to set my speed, got the violation and got bumped from level 4 to level 3.

I just reported 4 people at EGLL. When tower went offline 2 guys pulled onto the runway while there was traffic on short final. After the guy landed a random Person comes and decides to fly trough all of them…

Have fun without me guys 😀😭

I can’t even play, I can’t play on TS1 where there are no rules, I’ll just wait till later tomorrow to get my grade 3

Well I think I’ll do another flight now from EGLL to EGBB if anyone wants to join.

I would but it’s 11:38pm and besides I don’t think you would want a noob there :)

Are you still doing a flight right now?

Heading to do a flight on the Training Server now.

I’ll be on my way :)

Mark, how many people did you 👻? Was it 3? Also, sorry I couldn’t follow the flightplan, the controller vectored me off of it.

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Hey @Oscar …that’s a nice 787-10 you got there…at EGKK unless that’s someone else

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No, that’s me, it’s coming across as the… means I did something wrong?

Nope you didn’t do anything wrong. I was the Air France 747 on Downwind. Just pointing out that you were there :)

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Oh Haha, I saw you too! Gracefully soaring through the skies ;) Hope to see you again sometime!

2 or 3 for not listening to ATC


Current status of TS1= insert cricket noises

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