Friday Night Flight - Anniversary Of 1st Scheduled Pax Service @ EGLL - 261730ZAUG16

Thank you. Great to see the London region get some action.


I’ll definitely be there!

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I was the ATC ground and tower for 1 hour so happy almost all aircraft respect me but some not like usually the blue


I’m looking forward to fly there. I’ll bring my BA A318 or 787-10.

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I am doing again after 9 minute

@Osman_Mohamed the FNF is tomorrow, not today. :)

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🙄 I hope that you are “practicing” for the event tomorrow, which is Friday, hence Friday Night Flight. 🙄

@Mark_Denton you should make an event celebrating the first transatlantic flight, from Canada to Ireland, on 1919 by Alcock and Brown. The aircraft to use would be the ones with the Air Canada and Aer Lingus liveries.

Yeah, thats a great idea for when we are able to fly globally. However, since we dont have Ireland or Canada as regions right now, would be an weird event.


Another idea. Charles Lindbergh’s flight from the US to France, first solo transatlantic flight. Both New York and Paris are available.

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Yup absolutely I’m

Definitely coming to this one! Also…grabs tinfoil hat that BA 787-10 I swear has gear tilt

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I wen to a FNF at 2:00 in the morning, it was fun and worth it.

Might get t join since I got live today can’t wait!!

I’m hopefully gonna open London or Birmingham. I want a challenge.

I’ll come to this. Now just the problem of which aircraft I should come in.

Does the speed violation warning actually give a violation? Im too scared to figure out and see if it does? Because at 400gs you get the over speed warning. at 11k tested

@Mark_Denton, what time will you be able to do a flight?

Will be there for sure, as always 😃
First some nice 787 flight (“Speedbird 47 heavy”) and later on some controlling, which is usually a great challenge due to lots of traffic during FNF! 😎
Nice topic this week @Mark_Denton 👍🏼