Friday Night Flight - American Operations @ KPHL - 070600ZDEC18


just departed Rome. See you guys in the morning!


Yes! Will be using one of the American Retro liveries (not sure which one yet)

OMDB-KDFW (Emirates 777)
KPHX-CYVR (WestJet 737-800)


I’m currently doing ATC at KPHL on the training server, and there’s no one here for some reason. Not even any inbound flights.


This event (and all FNFs) are mainly on Expert Server!

Also an issue worh KPHL on TS1 is that is fairly close to KJFK, so everyone is flying there rather than to you. According to LiveFlight there are no arrivals to KPHL on TS1 in the next hour so maybe try contolling another airport!


I can’t wait! I will definitely do a lot of American Airlines flights. Great FNF Misha!


Excited for this FNF! I’ll be flying into PHL shortly from Athens with an A330!


Just landed at KPHL representing for American Virtual Airlines. Already tons of planes to come and watch.


Great to see my home airport featured for FNF :)


Sounds fun! I’ll be there!


This sounds fun. I’ll be there.

I might even escort. 🤔


The last 500 feet approaching KPHL is too fun lol.


@AExones and @BigBert10 I had a flight planned to kdfw from kphl but I might head to ksjc so look out for southwest 225. I’ll be streaming.


Hopefully next week we get a weekend dedicated to Southwest :D! But to stay on topic, love this FNF going to be flying with a friend and look forward to this event. Can’t wait to fly into Philadelphia for the first time!



Na, na, na, no…

This can’t be happening…

How could you @MishaCamp! 😂


Just don’t fly from KDFW if you are doing Southwest XD


Later today around noon central time I’ll be doing a flight from KSTL to KJFK in the American TWA 737 if anyone wants to join me! These were two of TWAs hubs when they merged with America in 2001


wooooof. Sorry to everyone who had to see my landing just now


REPEAT and say it with me…

GREAT… got it… good! 👍🏼


facts bro I hate when people do that! XD


Back in time? 😉