Friday Night Flight - American Operations @ KPHL - 070600ZDEC18


😱 thanks for the heads up @Starley

I haven’t been flying much due to work but I will definitely be in the air come tomorrow with the retro AA livery 💗


Will/can other hubs i.e. KMIA be open(ATC wise) tomorrow?


Well an FNF at PHL is a MUST! I personally have been to PHL only twice in my IF life and would love to fly in from other areas.


What a great FNF!! Will be flying into PHX from LAX and then onto DFW after refueling. The only question now is if I do in the TWA livery or the retro American livery 🤷🏻‍♂️


ya know when ur so close to grd 3 again…then while ur cruising and not paying attention you get 84 vios…

guess I’ll be doing patterns in a AA 738 on casual…


Oncely i have ever seen AAL 737-800 at KEWR on flightradar, is it a diversion?


Ha I’m going to still fly a Southwest 737-800 to PHL, sorry American…


Sweet i will be there


Yay! I’m so excited for this one as it’s at my home airport! Can’t wait!


AAVA is gonna be representing full force at this FNF in our new aircraft! Great event Misha!


I would love to fly, but I am super busy and can’t come :(


Next FNF, can we do KSEA with all the new livery’s?


Doesn’t the game kick you out after 6 violations


With the OneWorld family right behind you ;)


These airports where on my southwest airlines Friday livestream Schedule surprisingly. I was gonna do kphl-kdfw so yall will see me as swa225 later on tommoriw.


The airport of my birthplace, awesome.


Going to do LGAV-KPHL shortly, see y’all soon!


awww man, I wouldve enjoyed SouthWest a LOT more. The special liverys on the -700 and the new one on the -800 are beyond amazing


Yeah Southwest at KSJC XD

Anyways, I’m going to try to do KPHX-KSJC or KDFW-KSJC with AA. Let’s see what tomorrow brings


Should be CLT! I’d love to get a solid group flying there one day and run it like IRL