Friday Night Flight - American Lonestar Liftoff @ KDFW - 101830ZNOV17

thanks for this nice event my flight info KIAH-KDFW-KORD… NICE!!!


I was there! Big thank you to all the controllers for making it possible. Especially big thank you to @JoshFly8 for the incredible approach/departure controlling at both KDFW and KMIA!


I have flown a long time for today, but I have to leave the game, thanks for making the event Mark!

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About to do Dallas Forth to Chicago!

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Fun event! Thanks for creating @Mark_Denton

P.S. Thank Gosh for Approach. Thank you for directing me in from 37,000ft 150 NM out.😂


Is there a link that I can click on to explore?

Hi there, everything is in my site
Tell me what is missing and I will add it :)

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