Friday Night Flight - Alaska Virgin Merger Masquerade @ KSEA - 261830ZJAN18

You can fly every plane. These ones above are suggested/preferred. But it is still your choice.

What other airports will IFATC Be opening for FNF?! SEA, SFO…?

AAGV will be there for sure!

I will definitely be there!


Were you flying from and to??

I do not know yet. I will have to think.

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I will join you if possible.

I will definitely be there on Expert Server.

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Come join me in the casual server at 2000Z (3pm EST) for KSFO-KJFK!


I will join in 2hrs 22min.

@Goran12 can you join at around 2000Z ?

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I’m going to be playing on training and I’m fly from SFO to EWR in a Virgin A319.

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@Goran12 sounds good copy I will be redwood 1012 at gate D55 which server will we be in

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Ok what gate will you be at. I will be at D55

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Are there any established routes?

No there aren’t any routes

For @William_Chin and @Goran12 maybe take it to pm have fun!




I am currently open at KSEA for anyone who wants to come!


ForeFlight coming in handy navigating this dense airspace on the expert server