Friday Night Flight - Alaska Virgin Merger Masquerade @ KSEA - 261830ZJAN18

Hey everyone!

Join us for this week’s Friday Night Flight:
Alaska Virgin Merger Masquerade

We move to the West Coast to celebrate the merger between Alaska Airlines and Virgin America that was announced recently! The featured airports this week will be KSEA and KSFO. Come out in either Alaska Airlines 737 or the Virgin America A320 and show your support for this merger! This should be another great event!

Region: West Coast

NOTAMS: There are no established routes for this week’s event.
(Pattern work at controller’s discretion based on airport traffic conditions outside of peak hours)
Follow all ATC instructions (when available).
Ghosting will be enforced.

Server: All Servers Event (Your choice)
Airport: KSEA / KSFO
Aircraft: Any Alaska Airlines Aircraft or Virgin America A320

FNF Event Hours:
Begin - Friday 01/26 @ 18:30 ZULU (10:30am PDT)
End - Saturday 01/27 @ 10:30 ZULU (2:30am PDT)

Be respectful of everyone who is flying, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

See everyone in Seattle and San Francisco!!

Happy and Safe Landings!


Another great event.Can’t wait to see everyone there!

Ahh yes! The now Virgin Alaska or Alaska (is in) America Airline celebration. Lol!

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Just saying, the rendering looks really nice in this photo.

KSFO is going to be extremely busy today! :D

It looks amazing, I’m ready to fly 👍

At my Hub :) I feel Lucky

About time I did a long haul. Copenhagen - San Francisco sounds fun!!

Nice work Mark

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Home town Seattle! I will for sure be there!

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I’ll head out to JFK.

Hi Mark, is it tolerated to fly other aircrafts or liveries during the event?

Hi there @daniele_milizia,

You are free to fly whatever aircraft/livery that you wish during FNF. They just state that this event is based around the Alaska Airlines liveries and the Virgin America A320.

I believe you can but it would be great to see you in the selected liveries!

Of course I will use the suggested liveries. I just want to know if it is allowed to use other
aircrafts (I typically fly also bigger airplanes than 737 and 320 during my session). See you tonight!

Just begun a flight from Singapore to San Francisco. See you all there!


Hmm. I guess I might do MSP-SEA as I recently lived in Minneapolis

Looks awesome. I’ll be spotting today, but will see if I can get a flight in.

I am in! Can’t wait to see you guys.
Is someone flying at 1830z and want to fly with me together?

I think I will just fly between the two cities