Friday Night Flight - Air France 1st Non-Stop Flight to New York @ LFPO - 281730ZAPR17

Ooh, it kind of does to me as well in a certain kind of way!

Will be there for sure in the 772

Nice looking event - I’ll try and come. I like your new profile pic btw Mark

I’m coming to have a fun with that event .
Thanks for making every Friday an event .

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In a few ‘weeks’ we can celebrate this historic milestone by actually flying in IF from Paris to New York…

…and for the die-hards do a toch-and-go in New York and head straight back ;-)


Some Solo flight Testing before the Event


Nice history given above. Will be definitely attending and posting my pictures.

Not weeks unfortunately

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Who knows… it could be…

Yay! A Paris Friday Night Flight!

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Nooo! I don’t have Paris region!


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Great event. It was nice to see about 60 flights at the peak in a region that is disliked/not flown in that much. It was a busy day at CDG.


I flew last in the Paris region 8 hrs ago expecting to see the same amount of flights but then there was no one on the expert server. :(

I don’t normally crash an airplane…but when I do it’s in an extremely unfamiliar region with zero visibility. The clouds were thick tonight on my approach into Beauvias-Tille, runway 12 in the Paris region. After my second go around I just slammed my 767 into the D1001, a highway running perpendicular and short of my intended landing strip. I tried turning on my visual terrain warning on my map but it wasn’t giving a color change, maybe because the airfield only sits 356ft above sea level. Not sure. I realized the thrill of a new and “difficult” approach is exhilarating and most definitely worth another try on solo, mimicking the exact conditions. Oh the places we’ll go and the fun we’ll have when global is finally released.

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Saw you out there this evening. You weren’t the only one crashing. Lol

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Not by a long shot. Good thing I don’t enjoy taking screenshots of crashes from the tower. Visibility was definitely an issue late.

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Where i can post my shots please

Welcome to to the forum @Felipe.engono91

Take a look at this to get started

Bonjour Infinite Flight 👌🏼😊✈

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