Friday Night Flight - African Safari - 090700ZNOV18

What an amazing new theme! I love the idea of the safari. Great FNF like always Mr. unicorn!

Respect the controlles and avoid spamming them. Be as realistic as possible with other aircraft and lastly have fun!

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Nice view from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro! Pretty difficult to land with no runway on a mountain but totally worth it! :)



Awesome FNF! Definitely going to pop down in a TBM!

Do I have to fly general aviation into the event airports or small commercial aircrafts(e.g a321) is allowed?

Do you have to… - No

But give General Aviation a Chance! Infinite Flight has some amazing prop planes!


“Bless the rains down in…”


🎵 “… Africa!!!” 🎵


I’ve seen you on flight radar

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Me too✈️✈️

🎼 we got some GA down in Africa. 😂


The Masai Mara would be awesome🙌🏽
And Amboseli parks

@DeerCrusher ahead of the game

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Sounds amazing. Thanks Misha once again!

I will for sure have to come and take part in this event. So original

This seems better !

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looks fun thanks

Will do and will enjoy DLVA702

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Some of these GA aircraft look suspiciously large

NOTAMs in place at all featured fields. GA only! Have fun and happy exploring!


Dang! Left 3 hours ago from Amsterdam in the Kenyan 787 to Nairobi but I guess I’ll have to divert now…But if I look closely on LiveFlight, there are still commercial aircrafts inbound…Does anyone know if Nairobi actually gets GA aircrafts?