Friday Night Flight - African Safari - 090700ZNOV18

Awesome! If you have any suggestions on what areas to fly around, I would love to hear them!

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HKJK uses 06 as the main runway. The other is 24 not 27.

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Great FNF! I love GA and fly in Africa!

As long as I’m not too busy Friday night, I’ll make a few stops

That means you’ll be flying GA? I never saw you flying GA

You have nothing to worry. In most cases 06 is always used. There are rare cases when 24 is used otherwise in the past weeks 06 has been the active at HKJK.

Nope, unfortunately not, but a short flight It’ll be.
Kenya Airways 787 from somewhere to Nairobi is my plan. Only One Flight is all I’ll be able to do.

The only time I fly GA is on CS for Touch n Goes. You’ve never seen me and most likely won’t… :/

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What a pity. Flying GA is great fun! 😉

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That’s a preference thing. I personally don’t have a lot of time on me in recent times. I set up a flight, do things while I’m cruising above our beautiful world and land after few hours.

I’ll see if I can squeeze in a GA flight, but most likely will not.

My only flight will be from Johannesburg to Nairobi. I should be arriving at the peak hours, hopefully meeting many of you guys there. Once refueled I’ll be off to Bangkok 😉

Any further discussion or questions, feel free to PM me and… also I’m well aware of that Kenya Airways doesn’t fly to VTBD but rather VTBS which is not featured for Saturday, but I do my own thing, thank you 🙂


But can planes slow their speed enough to get to las taxiway. If not they have go to turning point and taxi in the runway

Kiz kirjoitti to 8. marrask. 2018 klo 22.43:

Yup. The runway is 4117m long and the last taxiway is a nice long distance from the touchdown zone.

Looking forward to my first FNF! Anyone have any tips?


HKJK charts available here:

@JuhoV you can look at Pg 45. It gives a good idea of how the last taxiway is a comfortable distance from the touchdown zone.


Misha trying to get GA more attention with FNF’s, we have the TBM, GA has everyones full attention now, even me! (And i’m a Commercial kinda dude ;) )

Looks fun! Can’t wait to control for you all :P


I think Misha might have a bit of experience with the Masai Mara himself!

Great FNF as always, good to give Africa some much deserved attention this week! I’ll be off on a safari myself, I guess!


Nice to see the GAs getting some love!I have 5 group flights planned in IFGAC.Although the only GA aircraft I can fly is the TBM landing wise😂


Cool, I will just park my plane in the savanna and look for wildlife jk lol 😂

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Takes me back to the old days and the Game Park Patrol mission on Flight Simulator X. Anyone else??


Hey, thanks for HRYR should be interested exploring new airports

Wohooo!! Good to see a FNF event in my home country! Love Nairobi and the scenery around there is lovely. Its fairly small but I’ll be doing several flights

HJKJ- OMDB(777 Emirates)
LFPG–HKJK(787 Kenya Airways)

Enjoy the event guys

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