Friday Night Flight: A Virtual Beach Break @ VTBS/VTBD - 240600ZAPR20

@Loogie125, it’s things like this that make air traffic controller’s hair turn white at age 25

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HAHAHA SAD BUT VERY VERY TRUE! It really sucks irl. @samdog27

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I might open it later I’ll enforce that rule when i do!

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I believe this was later on though, i think in 2014. The initial suspension of the TG793 service was due to unprofitability in 2012. Also, due to revising fuel costs, and the gas guzzling a340-500, which played into the unprofitability of both their KJFK and KLAX services

@DeerCrusher hello I was ghosted by you today and it says The reason for the ghost is not specified. I believe it’s because my phone froze and I was blocking the taxiway. Can you please educate me on what I did so it will not happen again, I was in the TBM, thank you, And respectfully sorry for any nuisance

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Hey Evan,

I’ll reach out to you via private message. Thanks for reaching out.


So much traffic at VTSP! Awesome job to the controllers there! I sadly had to leave before takeoff as I saw another plane randomly appear on top of me (that wasn’t in front of me before). I didn’t want to make things harder for the controllers in case my phone was glitching.

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is vtbd going to be active in a 1hr and 30 mins??

The IFATC are volunteers. They are not always controlling when available, and they control in their spare time. If a controller decides to open VTBD, and stays open for a long enough time, maybe. You have no way of knowing.

However, as VTBD is a hub airport, if IFATC intends to open an airport and VTBD is not manned, they are likely to open it.


737??? Shouldn’t it be 787

Flew TG647 RJGG-VTSB, landed a few mins ago, eerily quiet out there…