Friday Night Flight: A Virtual Beach Break @ VTBS/VTBD - 240600ZAPR20

Can’t wait for this FNF! Excellent work as per usual Misha!

Bangkok and the surrounds are stunning!


Wow, can’t wait! Great job!

Time to fly the Jetstar bogan bus from Perth to Bali

MaxSez Naha, Okinawa- Bangkok … Great Liberty Run!
But, if you have adventure in mind go via “Pattaya Beach”, VTBU
( UTapao) for entertainment. (See UTube vid for the best beach front views in the world! LOL)


nice i have been to vtsp before so it will be fun to go again

For anyone who is having trouble finding flights I recommend this one:


Milan is located pretty close to the Alps, so you have a gorgeous departure from there and you fly over more Balkan mountains, pass through EVEN MORE mountains in Georgia and then fly over a beautiful rugged desert. I flew the return leg and it was surely a beautiful flight. Take advantage of that A350, because it operates the route IRL

Cmiiw, that is a coordinates.

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Nice FNF,thanks

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On my way From Seattle after flying there from New York.

Very good FNF idea, Misha! I’m sure we all need some refreshing scenery to calm us from all of this stressing over COVID-19. Very great idea!

This time FNF is great, I can’t wait to go to a virtual beach vacation.

It’s a latitude/longitude (lat/long) coordinate. You can copy and paste that figure (as well of the rest of the flight plan) into infinite flight, which will create waypoints which connect together to become your entire route. The “ 1128N/9951E” is one of those waypoints.

Great FNF ! Thank you Misha .

T1TAN is En route from JFK!

@anon24319801 Hi, I see u on my map.

Anyone wanna do Bangkok to Doha Qatar A350?

TG discontinued all flights from the U.S. because the U.S. made Thailand a category 2 country and therefore flights have been suspended ever since :(


Dubai to Bangkok - 77W Emirates - Great Route

Can somebody put a TFR restriction around VTSM no aircraft larger than A319 can land there. Aircraft allowed:
Citation X

I am saying this because an A350 is landing at VTSM

AND the pilot is a Grade 4 pilot tut tut should know very well about aircraft size restrictions at airports…


Aircraft size restrictions should be in the ATIS if a controller is there if that’s the case 🙂

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