Friday Night Flight: A Celebration of Live @ KLAX/KSFO - 200600ZSEP19

Koreanair 213 heavy in the 747-8i will be arriving in Los Angeles in approximately 8 hours! See y’all soon!


This will be cool event!!


Landed my first flight and heading from AUSTIN to la now

I did KLAX-KSAN ok. Still sad that on KMEM-KLAX my phone over heated and if stopped. Great FNF anyway and cant wate for next week. Thanks again @MishaCamp

I did KSFO-KLAX just fine hooray

Looks like it’s been a great day! Feel free to join me on this fun group flight to celebrate live!

Interesting FNF, I will definitely be there!

Second flight of the day featured low fuel and a missed approach for me

Actually i cannot join without realistic sounds.

Just did an LAX-SFO wasn’t as busy as I thought it’d be I expected to have to hold some where for a hundred years😂

And thanks IF for the awesome work 👍🏻

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Sounds great! Glad to hear that a lot of traffic is coming in to my home of the Bay Area! I’ll be in a Continental DC-10.

Wait don’t you have school?

I’m Taking part in this FNF!

In solo…

I’m flying from SJC to LAX to celebrate IF’s 5th Live anniversary.


oh @BigBert10 will be pleased


snoman if you talking to me, i do have school. If you are not, then i just wasted 2 minutes of my sad life.

also snoman (if u mean me), I’ll prob have enough time.

I was talking to badplane

We’re off today


To raid Area 51

Im kidding jeez

If anyone wants to fly from BWI-FLL and TPA-BWI, PM me please 😉

Thanks for this great FNF Misha!

I did my part in solo, with no friends lol…

Photo taken by me at KLAX