Friday Night Flight: 19.1 Celebrations! - 150600ZMAR19


Fly VHHH-EGLL with a Virgin Atlantic B787-9! My personal favorite long haul route. Stunning departure out of Hong Kong!


I’ll try it,


Misha changed my mind, wanna join then hop on. The queue is sooooo long that it’ll take some time till I’m off ;)

Heading to JFK as you know so pack enough fuel and be ready for ULH 😍✈


How long is the flight again. I don’t want to wake up at 8 am again 😂,


15 hrs, it is a real long one haha 😂


That’s good, what server?


Expert Server :)


Not Grade 3 :(.


Ah, sorry… I didn’t know :(


It’s okay,


Hong Kong was super busy!! Planes wouldn’t stop landing and so a massive line of departing aircraft formed on both runways. My second fav FNF after Cape Town.

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