Friday Night Flight: 19.1 Celebrations! - 150600ZMAR19


VHHH for sure I think


Ok. Would you recommend flying in or out of HKG?


Wow 40 minutes and waiting at VHHH lol


Sorry about that. We just have a lot of inbounds so it’s getting really congested at the takeoff queue. Rest assured, we’re working as fast as we can :)


No I was actually surprised because it was done soo good!


Flight Information:

Cathay Pacific Flight 840 bound for New York, John F. Kennedy is delayed up to 2 hours and 40 minutes.

  • Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

  • Airline: Cathay Pacific

  • Route: Hong Kong Int’l (HKG/VHHH) to John F. Kennedy (KJFK/JFK)

  • Flight Time: 15 Hours, 5 Minutes (15:05 // hh:mm)

  • Estimated Time of Departure: 2200Z [UTC-0], (Hong Kong Local Time - 06:00 / 6am)

  • Actual Time of Departure: 0040Z [UTC-0], (Hong Kong Local Time - 08:40 / 8.40am)

  • Estimated Time of Arrival: 1300Z [UTC-0], (New Work Local Time - 9am)

  • Actual Time of Arrival:

Additional Notes:

  • Flight is delayed severely due to high traffic.
  • Expected arrival time is thought to be 1 hour and 10 minutes behind schedule.
  • Altitude of stepclimb, FL270 - FL310 - FL330 -FL350 - FL370
  • On behalf of Cathay Pacific, I wish you a wonderful day, and hope to see you again! 😊

Ps. Props to all of IFATC for handling this crazy, immensely crowded and yet so enjoyable and amazing FNF in Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta and last but absolutely not least, Hong Kong, the global hub for all things, tourism, cargo, politics, business, and aviation!


VHHH is an absolute mess…ATC doesn’t know what each other are doing. Clearing planes for takeoff when someone is short and final. Get sent on a go-around, told to contact approach, approach tells me unable to accept inbound traffic. Then starts vectoring me in, after I request to be sent to VHXX, only to be told to follow instructions or I’ll be ghosted…

Yikes. Horrible experience


Let me know if your still on the ground, would love to join,


If anyone is on the ground waiting, send me a PM. Would love to join,


Taxiing now, but like to fly alone not along side someone, sorry.


Why do you always try and fly with me then


You mean the Flash Flights? And those random times I say, oh I wish I could fly with you. Well, sorry but that’s my way to fake to show some kind of kindness. That’s the cruel world we live in :/


Aw are you getting all embarrassed. Poor First Officer JR. One day I’ll let you fly with me ❤️


I do find it enjoyable to fly with others, and do so occasionally but not very often that’s all. And I’m very tired now, so I basically want to get into the air and leave HKG… hope you can understand :)


Nah, getting hungry would be more accurate… 😂🤤


I don’t know where to fly to, 😂 First Long Haul,


What’s your fave aircraft?🙂


It’s the 787,


Just landed at a busy Hong Kong from Vancouver! 👍


Hong Kong to Vancouver in the AC789 would be my suggestion then!