Friday Night Flight: 19.1 Celebrations! - 150600ZMAR19


Can’t wait to be controlling with everyone in the new liveries! Catch me at a Charlie or Delta class airport hopefully a good majority of the day.


Hmm gonna try and get in a long haul flight don’t know where yet


Good luck hopefully we will see each other on the ground ✌️


A330 FNF! I am very excited!


But How do you know aboute the gate you park on after a flight is to this aircraft?


Friendly Reminder :)

Hong Kong will be extremely crowded today so I wish you all safe flights, and safe landings. Be considerate of others and show respect. Simce it will be so crowded, please don’t cut in line and be alert of your surrounding at all times. Also listen to ACT. Lastly don’t forget to be happy, smile and fly your favorite aircraft and airline colors 😊




I’ll be making a Cargo Haul today with a Cargolux Boeing 747-8 from Singapore to Hongkong. Cargolux operates daily routes especially this one, after an arrival from Luxembourg. Singapore here we go!


Love the new replay feature! Makes it awesome to take photos and they are so HD! Love that Hong Kong is open tonight it is so busy!


I’ll do a flight to Hong Kong from Singapore Cathay Paciic 777-300ER 2015 Livery


Gonna go from HKG-BKK. It’ll be fun to use the new A330 livery.


vhhh- wsss all day!


I will do friday night flight in the new WOW Air livery. Hope to see some of you this afternoon!


First flight with replay!


Guys, i am scared too death. One week ago I got ghosted while crash landing the A330 in Munich. Today I will give it a new try with the THAI A330


Awesome FNF! You’ll probably find me in the SQ A330 shuttling between WSSS, VTBS and WMKK


Air France 958 A380 confirm presence in Hong Kong.
route OMDB - VHHH


Vacating runway for the fellow behind
Nice to see her majesty the A330 getting the attention she deserves 👍
Thank you IF, thank you IFC


Any one want some routes here are some real world routes sorry if I made it too hard to read


@OiseauPlume Nice picture. Looks pretty real.
Btw, which airports are busiest at the moment?