Friday Morning at YSSY

A nice clear sky Friday morning at Sydney after a rainy week at Sydney, enjoy the morning shots taken at Sheps Mound

Emirates A380 building condensation on the wing with an early morning departure back to Dubai

Etihad’s B789 operating at EY450 from Abu Dhabi

SQ221 arriving from…that right it’s Singapore

The first domestic arrival for the morning was this Jetstar A320 from the popular route of Melbourne to Sydney

Who cares where this Virgin is going, just look at the morning sunrise colours

Crossing over from the Ditch is Qantas A330 from Auckland

The bright Orange Jaffa colour of this Jetstar Generation aircraft arriving from Avalon

Departing to Melbourne… what’s new

I am going to have a good guess and say the Cathay A350-1000 is off to Hong Kong

The smallest of the Qantas group fleet, Dash 8 - 200 going to the small island Lord Howe Island. What a great match

Camera Gear
  • Canon 90D
  • Canon 100-400mk ii



wonderful photos

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Extremely hot

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Very nice shots my friend! Loved every single one!


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Very nice shot!!

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i must say, Chris. You photos are amazing😍

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Great photos! The first shot in particular makes me keep going back for another look.

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Incredible shots…just wow!

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I love them!

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That last one is the pln meme but in real life
Jokes aside wonderful shots!


These pictures are nothing short of spectacular. Keep up the great work!


i realy like this A380 shot


Amazing!! I heard YSSY is beautiful.

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Indeed, it’s a great airport

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Great shots @Chris_Hoss! Well done 👌

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Beautiful shots!

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