Friday Evening Spotting at PHX!

Enjoyed a long session of Spotting at Sky Harbor. For my 3rd attempt getting familiarize with plane spotting, I hope to return next time for increasingly better images. Learning a DLSR camera is challenging and self rewarding.

Thinking i could be missing out on a incredible picture, I at times was met with wind gust of 30mph only to learn the lighting of the photo was terrible. But after repeated bouts of jet fuel inhalation and a high ambition for a nice shot i was left with over 800+ images to weed through.

Hope you enjoy!

First up is this Fedex MD-11 smashing it hit on the left gear. Perhaps over compensating for wind gust.

Followed up with a much centered and bright DHL 767-300.

I likie da smoke!

The highlight of the evening was the Retro AirCal American Airlines livery!

It’s a photo finish for this A319 landing while a CRJ-100 is rotating. I love this shot!
Gotta love the illumination on the left engine and main gear from Beacon light on the SWA!

By this time of the evening i wasn’t sure if i was seeing doubles or it was real.

The only decent night shot! Love how the cabin is lite up.


Wow, the last shot gave me chill, love planes at night at the gate!

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Glad you like it! 😀

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United403 being incredibly indecisive about which picture he likes
ehh whatever i like all of the photos

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