Friday ATC

I’m planning a long-haul flight tonight, to arrive somewhere in the morning with ATC, I only see on the schedule that it’s to be announced, was it announce? I can’t find it anywhere

Here ya go :)


You may not know, but two things, number one why isn’t the capital of Norway being covered? And do you know of any long route that fly into Norway? 8 hours plus

Here’s the list of active airports for tomorrow. Yes Oslo (The capital) is featured.

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As far as I know mate, Oslo is the capital of Norway.
And yes, you can find the IFATC featured Airport if the week and FNF at the top of the latest
Page :)

Yeah it is, I’m sorry but on the event post in the community it doesn’t have it listed I don’t believe

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To answer your question, I’m currently doing a long haul from Bangkok to Oslo 11 hours. We are in the sky feel free to tag along if you see us

I really don’t any long routes into Oslo, the only one I can think of is LAX-OSL.

There is a little drop down option for Airports. If you click on that, you can see the featured Airports :)

Maybe I’m blind but I swear I didn’t see it listed but let me double check before I put my foot in my mouth

Yep my bad, it was at the very top with a space in between it from the others so I must have just skipped it I’m sorry


I don’t know about these FNF’s. I love these FNF’s but USA should be part of it. It’s a different story with regular ATC services rather than Friday night flight. From what I see, in the past 4 months, they’ve done 2 American airports for FNF but a lot of European ones…wish they mix it up a little.

If you’re looking for a long haul, KSEA-ENGM is a featured route for this flight. Just under 9 hours of flight time

Im about 30 minutes from ENGM now on the same route, I highly recommend it.

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Friday Night Flight has the airports listed in the topic shared by @Speedyyy and @Luke_Sta