Fresh off the boat

Today, United took delivery of three new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. They are one of only two airlines within the U.S. (Delta is the other) to take delivery of new long haul aircraft during the month of September. N25982, N23983, and N29984 were all delivered today. N23983 and N29984 were delivered to Washington Dulles Airport (KIAD/IAD), while N25982 was delivered to Chicago. I had the opportunity to spot it today, and without further ado, here it is!


United’s new livery > old livery.

American was supposed to take delivery of a new 787-8 earlier today but it got cancelled.


Wow that’s a clean lookin’ livery!
I didn’t think I would like the 787s with the new livery when it first was released but its growing on me


It’s a clean plane too. Only had its check ride before being delivered. This was the second flight it ever flew (I think. I don’t really know how airframe certification works)

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Ahhh!! Can’t wait to see these beautiful aircraft fly over my house! 😍


You do need a few test flights before that, but still a really shiny and new airplane. Thanks for sharing this cool picture!

If you want to see a bit more on training flights I will leave this link about the Airvus test flights, where you can see this for most airframes built by Airbus (at least the more recent ones):

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