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Fresh Air Connect Virtual | Official 2021 Thread | A Breath Of Fresh Air

Welcome to Fresh Air Connect Virtual 2021 Thread

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Fresh Air Connect Virtual was founded by @Tom_Tremlin and @JasonG in October of 2020. The pair originally flew together as friends exploring everything the Infinite Flight skies had to offer, and soon after began working to lay the foundations needed to create a Virtual Airline. We have 12 Rank Promotions that our pilots can unlock the more flying hours they acrue. As well as this we offer 4 hubs, 120 routes and 18 aircraft that make up our fleet, that we use to operate passenger services, private VIP transport, cargo and mail services as well as having classified military escorts. We also offer our pilots the chance to showcase their favourite routes to our staff team through our Showcase Flight Programme for consideration to be added to our route database. Since our IFVARB approval on the 20th of May 2021 we have began actively flying and proudly recruited 8 pilots who are helping the future of this new and fresh Virtual Airline excel and move towards an exciting future.

To provide a fun and relaxed environment for our pilots whilst maintaining our professional standards.

Our staff team is made up of like minded pilots who are skilled in both civil and general aviation as well as military aviation. We are on hand to make our pilots experience one they won’t forget.

Head of Internal Affairs - their role is to manage the member’s of the Virtual Airlines, from afar they are responsible for changes to the curriculum or ranking system in conjunction with the OLO/CEO

  • Head of Public Relations - this person’s role is to ensure that the Virtual Airline is associated with that of professionalism and if desired, realism. They must keep the website and main announcement thread up to date and relevant

To apply for our staff vacancies please email with the role you would like to be considered for and why.

We have recently moved to the new Flare Crew Centre which is easier to use for our staff to manage the VA and our pilots but also easier for our pilots to navigate around, file PIREPS and search through all of our routes.
The crew centre also offers a live map showing our flight activity from all of our pilots who are in the air on the Expert Server.

We offer all of our pilots the chance to fly wherever they want within rank without any route restrictions as a unique VA. Upon entry you can expect to undertake a check flight with our Chief Pilot and upon passing can fly any of our routes within rank. We have a Showcase Flight programme that enables our pilots to plan a flight including Departure and Arrival route and which aircraft where we will then decide whether to add this route to our database. We also host regular events that all pilots can take part in regardless of rank so that all of our pilots get the chance to fly from day 1 of joining Fresh Air Connect.

Madeira Airport Event

Madeira Airport Event

All of our Virtual Airline partnerships are with VAs that exist only within Infinite Flight. We will be taking part in events of our partners and they will be joining us for our events as a show of support. All of our partnerships are outlined below.

Malaysian Airlines - Routes: 4 Aircraft: 3
IFC Thread

Fresh Air Connect VA is a virtual airline in the flight simulator Infinite Flight and is not affiliated with any real-world airlines or organizations.


Lovely thread! Good luck with your VA!

Air Europa Virtual


Hi Jack,

Thank you so much.

We look forward to seeing you in passing in the IF skies.

Kind Regards

Jason G - Fresh Air Connect Virtual CEO

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It was a pleasure to depart behind you this evening on the Summit Event I was the G-FCVA B757-2 ✈️

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This must have been one of our pilots!

Nicely spotted! Hope you enjoyed the summit.

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I believe it was and it was amazing can’t wait for the next one. 😁

Kind Regards

Jason G
Fresh Air Connect Virtual CEO

I think it is nice to see a plain thread once in a while.

This is definitely a unique VA!

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Thank you so much I appreciate those comments and that is exactly what we are, looking forward to the next 6 months.

Kind Regards,

Jason G
Fresh Air Connect Virtual CEO

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