Fréquentation server

Hello! Let’s talk about the server. Since the update I see that the casual server is more frequent than before. An exemple at KLAX casual:image

And KLAX training:

Say what you think.And why?

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It is common. Most people want to practice flying the airplane without the warning of unfair violations. I do that all the time. As soon as people get familiar with the new aircrafts, their worries will soon be gone. Most people stay at Casual because it’s less stressful to fly a aircraft you’ve never flown before and get a violation for whatever you didn’t know


Oh yes It’s a big difference.

I always do all of my overnights on casual. It’s less risky if I run out of fuel or something. I’d do the same with a new aircraft.

It also may be people who have reinstalled the game and are making sure everything installed properly. It is what I had to do with the MD-11

MaxSez: Let me Suggest useing the “Solo” function to Fam any new addition to the Fleet, a craft not flown before or one your having difficulty controlling initially… Although you will not acrew XP the skill set improvement achieved will add dividends in the long term.

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