Frequent crashes

Hey, long time IF member here, and I’m starting to get notice my app crashing even with no lag at all. I am currently running 30fps with all medium settings including airplane count. Just curious if there’s a reason for the crashes or if there is a way to keep it from happening. Thanks In advance!

Device: IPhone 12 Pro
Operating system: latest

You could try clearing your scenery cache and restarting your phone? Does it happen at specific times like during long flights or at busy airports? Or is it just random?

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So it happens usually on descent or final. Yes, I clear my cache every-time I fly. It does not matter how busy it is, it just crashes anyway. Even while controlling as IFATC it crashes.

That’s frustrating. Does it give you an error code or does it just close? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it? I know this is all basic stuff, just trying to troubleshoot here.

No ur good, so it just closes the app for me, black screen while flying then it goes to my Home Screen.

I mean, I’ve had that happen to me but when it was a really busy airport. I did have a few weird instances where it crashed while I was doing ATC even when it wasn’t that busy. What normally helped for me was turning wifi on and off again to let it reconnect.

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  1. Restart before every longer session
  2. Lower 3D object density.

Those two helps way more than people think.


Let me try some of these. I’ll let y’all know. Thanks!

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Update… tried these fixes, still crash uncontrollably

I would set 3D object density to low and lower airplane count to either low or none.

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