Frequent crashes Samsung S10+

Hi all,

I’ve read through a few topics, including the sticky at the top of this forum, but can’t find the type of crash I’m experiencing on Android. I’m running an S10+ top spec, so the hardware isn’t the issue. I’m also running at the lowest settings possible within IF.
Crashes are spurious, occurring in the cruise, near the ground, and particularly so on the runway (~ 40% of the time it happens whilst manoeuvring on the runway). Texture loading doesn’t seem to affect it.

Here’s the particular details of the crash, which don’t correlate to what I’ve read on here… Everything will freeze, and whatever ‘millisecond’ of sound file was playing when the crash occurred will repeat at somewhere like 50 Hz, like a buzzing of the sound… A hard reset is then required.

Cache clearing doesn’t work, altering graphics settings doesn’t work, restarting the phone (and clearing it’s own cache) doesn’t work. Everything is up to date and it’s getting to the point that I don’t know how long I can continue using the sim because of it - circa 1/3 of flights end in the app freezing and crashing.

I see you’re working on the iOS issue, but what about the Android one?

Not a rant, just looking for answers for this frustrating issue…!

Hey, sorry for all those things buddy. Devs are working hard day by day to solve the problem about the app crashing. Make sure and read this article again PART: General Android Tips Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting!

Hiya buddy, there isn’t an issue with Android devices as such, the issue revolves around Samsung devices using the Android 10 update, a couple of people have reported issues. This is unlike the memory leak currently found with iOS devices, this is exclusively on Samsung. I have access to multiple devices running Android 10, none of which have ever experienced these crashes.

Try going into
Settings -→ Apps →Infinite Flight→Ensure “Allow Background Activity” is ticked
In “Optimize battery usage” make sure Infinite Flight is switched off.

I’m not entirely sure if that will fix it fully, also are you using the Samsung game launcher to run infinite flight?

I have had an issue twice were my s10 freezes and makes this buzzing sound then does a whole phone restart.

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Thanks guys, sorry it did come across a bit ranty upon rereading, not intended as I know there are a plethora of different issues they’re working hard to fix - typical egocentricity, your own problems feel like the worst ones!

That’s interesting to note Kirito, thanks. I may be in the market for a tablet soon anyway - any recommendations for an Android one you use that has worked best for IF?! Really want to get it working well - it’s absolutely invaluable for just basic stuff like nav aid orientation, wind corrections, it’s as real as you want to make it, best I’ve come across, hands down. Sucks that it’s being let down by a petty incompatibility issue (by the sounds of it).

I’ve just reinstalled it, have double checked the items you mentioned, but I’m pretty sure I went through the troubleshooting process for the basics.

That’s the one!

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