Frequent crashes on iPad 9th Generation

Device: 64GB iPad 9th Generation 10.2-inch
Operating system: iPadOS

Keep on experiencing crashes during:
Final (most common)
Shortly after takeoff (rarely)
Main menu (sometimes).

I highly doubt an issue with the iPad itself given that I only purchased it less than a week ago.


Have you tried clear your cache? This can help.
And please show your graphics settings. :)

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I have same issues with my 9th Gen iPad as well

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Weird as I don’t have this issue. Maybe your available space is a factor? I have the same device as you, max graphics 30FPS, I just do a scenery cache reset and app restart. I’m set for a long haul. Available space for me is 25gb

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Graphics settings are irrelevant. The device should be able to run the simulator smoothly at maximum graphics.


Well it kinda is. I have the exact same device and it runs good at max settings. But crashes are happening more when anti-aliasing is on and at 60fps. That’s why I asked for the graph settings…

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Same here, 30fps and cache reset do the trick every time. Only crash once a month or so when I forget to delete the cache for a while

I use the same exact iPad. Bought it last month. I have no issues. 256GB

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