Frequent crashes at random in Android

This server has many bugs. I have encountered some of them. I will list them down:-

Even after I tune out of the departing airport, I still receive messages from my fellow pilots. Upon checking from the live flight app, I see myself at that airport but in reality, I am at my cruising level. My connection to the internet is quite strong. I try reconnecting my device after turning on airplane mode, but instead of reconnecting, the app crashes for no reason at all.
Even if my app reconnects with the internet, I don’t see other aircraft, nor can I contact any airport. This is happening a lot often lately that my device has started to intimate me to contact the app’s customer care.
Kindly look into the matter.
It again crashed. 2 times in a row. On final. I wanted to change my graphic settings to high. Out of nowhere, it just crashed rendering my 8 hour flight useless. It’s getting quite frustrating now. I have even tried restarting my device and reinstalling IF. Still, no good.
Please fix the issues so that we all can enjoy the sim to it’s fullest.
Thank you

Device: Iqoo 7 (Snapdragon 870 processor)
Operating system: Android 13

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Mine also doesn’t show other planes sometimes even after reconnecting

I believe they are aware of the bug and are working on a fix, for more information, I suggest you check this thread if you want to report it.

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How long did you wait to see if any others show up? If i get that i have to wait a minute or I sometimes have to turn off my device’s wifi - wait for IF to show no connection to global and live servers - and then turn it back on

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I have tried this as well. The problem starts when there is a change in the network. If I change from Wifi to Cellular, the game crashes, also, if I change from Cellular to Wifi, the game crashes yet again. But yesterday, I kept my device near the Wifi all the time. During descent, I changed my graphic settings from low to high. It crashed. Everything was going well. My device is capable of handling the high graphics of IF because it worked perfectly fine in the previous expert server. As I have mentioned in the post, even if my device reconnects, I cannot see other aircraft, nor can I contact any airport.

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