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Hello everyone
I wanted to ask but when I was doing a flight from frankfurt to London Heathrow I checked for frequency and I see Heathrow Director approach and was confused about it and didn’t let me do a flight following to London heathrow. Someone explain to me of Heathrow Direct Approach plz.

Heathrow Director shouldn’t be giving Flight Following at all. You should be requesting ILS approach and they’ll vector you.

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it wouldn’t let me do that only at frankfurter

It’s the (ore one of the) approach frequencies into Heathrow in IF.

As @Tsumia said you’ll receive vectors to Heathrow from that frequency.

You did want to land at Heathrow, right?

yes but when i click on request approach it doesn’t say London heathrow

ok suddenly the egll approach is their now

Heathrow director is London Heathrow approach. ‘Director’ is just another way of saying it.

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oh. know i learned something thank you for the help guys :D

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