Frequency Question

A lot of times I will be flying around and get asked to change to a frequency that is not on my list, I think this is mainly because of proximity to the area covered by that tower. For example I took off out of Stockton Metropolitan and before I could get 2NM away from the airport, I was told to contact the San Francisco frequency. Is there a way to manually change my frequency to the one asked? What is recommended to do in this situation?

I think its for keep good Operations by pilot. Ask to change instead changing without any messages

Well if you took off from Stockton Metropolitan you shouldn’t have been told to contact SFO tower. I don’t see how that is even possible with the distance between them two airports. Maybe you were told to contact NorCal Approach? There is no way to switch to San Francisco tower that far away.

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Yes it was on the playground server. I just want to make sure that if it happens again, I can at least contact the frequency and ask for a change. In this instance, I couldnt and just got the message multiple times to contact the tower.

Was this on the playground server? If you were that far away you shouldn’t have been told to contact SFO tower. It sounds like it was tower’s mistake.

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@Alan_Perez Yeah there is nothing you could have done at that distance. It was tower’s fault. There are only two ways to change frequencies and that’s selecting “send and switch” when another active frequency you are currently tuned to tells you to contact another frequency, and the other way is selecting “back” from the main ATC menu and then selecting the correct frequency from there (that are only in range). There is no way to switch to a frequency that is out of range.

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Maybe just contact the closest Unicom.

I have had the same issue a few times too. I keep getting request to contact so so and so tower, when I’m currently connected to the tower of the airport I want to land in. It also sometimes switches me to an alternate tower/unicom.