Frequency Problem?

So here is what happened. I was finally on final when NorCal informed me to switch to San Francisco Tower. I did as instructed and switched to that frequency. Then, I announce that I am inbound runway 28R on the ILS. I wait around a minute and I get the “ You are in an active airspace, please contact San Fran tower.” The problem is I am already on that frequency. So I think to myself, “ The airspace is busy. He may have forgotten about me”.I go out of the frequency and come back in. I proceed to call myself inbound again, and I get the, “ You are in an active airspace…” message again, around thirty seconds after I call myself inbound, again. Afraid of being ghosted, I end my flight, relentlessly. I had an amazing flight going as well. If their something wrong with the frequency’s after the update, or is something else going on here?

Can you specify which server you were on?

Which server were you on? This happens sometimes if the ATC switches between apps.

Expert, at FNF. I saw Laura land at SFO!

Can you PM me with your Callsign?

Known issue. Should be resolved as soon as the servers improve.